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Accelerated Education Enterprises (AEE) located in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal is committed to the upliftment of Africa through effective education.

Education should serve to unlock individual potential, community potential and ultimately the potential of nations to develop and prosper.

Our long-term vision is to see an educated Africa where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.Our foundational belief is that every human being is on this earth for a purpose and that each has talents and skills to contribute. We believe that education should serve to unlock individual potential, community potential and ultimately the potential of nations to develop and prosper.

Our mission is to impact our nation by delivering accessible, affordable, value-based quality education!To this end our mission…is to empower Africa through the distribution and implementation of an affordable personalised system of instruction (PSI). PSI harnesses the power of self-paced mastery, is value-based and effectively guides individuals toward their place of full potential.

“Education needs a new form of delivery that is appropriate for each individual.” Fred KellerAccelerated Education Enterprises develops and distributes curriculum used to implement the well-researched and viable personalised system of instruction (PSI).

The PSI system allows a learner to work in an individualised, self-paced manner that embraces discovery learning and mastery. Learners are allowed the time they need to achieve mastery and may not progress until they master the concepts that they are working on. The foundational concept of PSI is that learning remains constant and time is variable.

This contrasts with conventional education systems where time on task is constant and learning is variable. The result is that learners “pass” exams and move onto new, more challenging content when they may, in fact, have significant gaps in real understanding and certainly in mastery.

Countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Finland feature in the top rankings of global education standards. There are many stark differences in the systems and models that each country uses. However, academic rigour, self-paced discovery learning as well as content and skill mastery are cornerstone concepts that are common and feature strongly in each.As the PSI system is different from the current modus operandi in public education, it is often not well understood. PSI, also known as The Keller Plan, was first described by Fred Keller in “Good-bye Teacher,” an article published in the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis in 1968.

The PSI system is composed of small, self-paced, modularised units of instruction where study guides direct learners through the modules. Unit tests are given on each module, and learners must demonstrate mastery by scoring at least 90% before they can continue on the programme. This system of education is based on rigorous academic research and has a proven global track record, including in South Africa where it has been used for over thirty years with excellent results.

It would not be an overstatement to say that South African education is in crisis. This is evident in declining results, insurmountable learning deficits and alarming drop-out rates. According to statistics released by the Department of Basic Education, the drop-out rate of learners in Grade 10-11 is in excess of 44%.

There is little doubt that the PSI system presents a compelling solution to the serious education challenges currently faced in South Africa and many developing countries. Since the system is not dependent on expensive resources, it has been implemented with great success in both well-resourced, economically affluent areas, as well as in rural and under-resourced environments.Inherent to the model is an EQ component that prescribes to a set of honourable values that promote personal development and raises the youth in a positive and accountable manner.

Children are nurtured to grow as well-rounded, honourable and socially responsible human beings. This results in motivated learners who take responsibility for their own learning and progress.

Within the exciting PSI framework, AEE provides an end-to-end education solution which means that we have curriculum, product and e-learning solutions to cater for the learning and academic needs of children from preschool, early childhood development right through to Grade 12 graduation.

AEE serves an extensive network of schools across 29 different countries.


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13 Glen Anil Street, Durban North 4051, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa