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50 Dove Street, Roodepoort 1724, Gauteng, South Africa


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Archers College is an independent Pre-Primary and Primary school situated Roodepoort in the West Rand of Gauteng. At Archers College, we are always striving to grow and “be better than yesterday.”

At the same time we keep our original goals foremost in mind, that being, to provide quality education whilst working along with the children individually to help them reach their full potential.

Archers College is best known for the extra care and love we have for each and every child that enters our doors. We will always strive to educate our leaders of tomorrow with heart and that is why we have been deemed the school that is a “home away from home.” “Education is a journey that lasts a lifetime…” We hope to have you join us soon, as we walk this journey together in providing your child with the very BEST educational experience!


The Pre-Preparatory curriculum is very different from the curriculum for older children, as it is more concrete, integrated, interrelated and enriching. The Pre-Preparatory classes run according to different themes that often last for 2-3 weeks at a time. All content and important concepts are developed around the theme as the central focus and assessment is continuously conducted throughout the term.

The emphasis is on learning through play, so important concepts are always taught in a concrete way. Imagine your child learning to recognize letters of the alphabet by forming them out of playdough, or drawing letters in the sand or a rice tray. A further example is where your child learns about the mathematical concept of pattern making, by constructing a continuous pattern using smarties, instead of just drawing a pattern.

Concepts are taught in such a way where we ensure your child will be rushing home to tell you about what he or she learnt about earlier that day.

Another vital way that children learn is through sensory play as children often ignite the use of five senses through this form of play. Again, picture your child manipulating jello in a way to form his or her name or other letters of the alphabet, all while smelling the flavor of the jello, tasting it and exploring the texture of it.

Each child is an individual and we believe each child should be taught in a way that suits his or her learning style and profile. Lessons are developed to accommodate the visual, auditory or the kinesthetic learner, as well as a right or left brain dominant child.


The Preparatory is founded on a solid system of good values and morals and we are always focusing on and giving priority to providing an excellent, top-class education for your children today!How blissful then for your children to receive all the above mentioned, while not being surrounded by intense peer pressure and ‘petty’ issues that are prevalent around us today – and is unnecessary for children to experience at such a young age.

We are very passionate about your children, our pupils. It is our goal to work hand-in-hand with parents in educating and assisting your children and helping them to achieve all that they have set out to do in their life – even starting at such a tender, young age.


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50 Dove Street, Roodepoort 1724, Gauteng, South Africa

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