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839 Acanthus Street, Weltevreden Park 1709, Gauteng, South Africa


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At Barnswallows - Swift Academy Learning Centre & Just Health situated in Weltevreden Park we provide therapeutic intervention within a stimulating environment, designed to nurture the development of children with special needs.


We provide guidance and support to the families of these vulnerable children. For every child that enters Swift Academy’s doors, a personal developmental program is written after the child has been formally evaluated and assessed by our team of educational and developmental specialists.

Throughout the therapeutic process the child’s progress is continually monitored and evaluated to ensure that therapeutic intervention conducted is in direct response to the child’s ever changing abilities and competencies. Swift Academy, being a project of Barnswallows, shares a common belief in following a holistic approach when intervening in the lives of children with special needs. They are put onto a dairy-free/wheat-free diet, with specific supplements to enhance immunity and neuro-development, while being exposed to a range of therapeutic interventions.

Through these early interventions and with the support of the family, we see astonishing progress within limited time frames.


At Swift Academy we do an initial assessment with learners which focuses on the following:

1. Clinical Developmental (Psychomotor) Assessment (age 2-18) which covers the following:

* Gnostic and practognostic awareness;
* Lateralization and dominance;
* Coordination, balance and muscle tone;
* Dysgraphia and other handwriting challenges;
* Cognitive development based on high cognitive functions like categorization, memory, attention, orientation and comprehension;
* Behavior and cognitive development.

At the same time, an assessment is done by a Nutritional Therapist to provide guidelines for dietary interventions. Barnswallows Swift Academy has seen major development and improvement in children with special needs when diet is addressed, and we believe that the whole family has to be involved in treating kids with special needs, starting with lifestyle interventions.

2. School Readiness Assessments

3. Play therapy sessions by trained and accredited play therapist/Filial coach


At JUST Health we believe in the benefits of an organic, whole foods, plant based diet. For the past 7 years we have seen many malnourished babies and some with developmental delays overcome serious setbacks through correct dietary interventions.

Barnswallows is a ‘green’ project – we strive to use only natural cleaning aids and household products in and around the Home and School, and use no traditional baby products on our babies’ bodies. We keep ourselves free from chemicals as much as possible.

At our regular presentations at Barnswallows Swift Academy in Weltevredenpark, René Testa our Director (who is a lifestyle consultant for The Natural Way by Mary-Ann Shearer), teaches the parents of our learners as well as members of the public how to gradually move into a healthy lifestyle.

The topics we cover are the following:

* Healthy gut, healthy brain
* Keeping my family healthy in a toxic world
* Healthy kids the Natural Way
* 5 steps to healthy living, The Natural Way
* Light detox and cleansing


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839 Acanthus Street, Weltevreden Park 1709, Gauteng, South Africa

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