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Our unique ability to visualize your dream, and apply our expertise to every detail, ensures that Biggarsberg Thatchers remain one of the countries leading thatching companies.

John Smith of Biggarsberg Thatchers has had a firm hand in the thatching industry since the mid-eighties, by supplying the industry with thatch grass harvested from his family farm in Biggarsberg, Northern KZN. A decade later, he started his own thatching business.

Biggarsberg Thatchers has grown from strength to strength, and this is due to John’s eye to detail, their high standard of workmanship, highest quality thatch grass, best quality poles, and a very importantly, constant site supervision.

They pride themselves in doing exceptional work.At the start of Biggarsberg Thatchers in 1996, John and his son, Shaun carried out most of the pole construction themselves, with the help of temporary labour, and two good quality thatchers were employed.

Today, Biggarsberg Thatchers employ approximately 100 labourers, consisting of fully in-house trained pole carpenters and highly in-house trained quality thatchers.

The company has an ongoing skills transfer programme in place.Biggarsberg Thatcher’s have won numerous local awards over the years, the National Design awards for ‘Most Aesthetic Design’ ‘Best structural design’ to the most recent award, ‘Best Thatchroof in the World’ which saw 72 entries from eight countries.

This award was presented at the International Thatcher’s Society Conference, which was held in Cape Town in February 2014. The conference was attended by approximately 105 Thatchers, from 7 international countries and 26 South African Thatchers. 

Biggarsberg Thatchers have carried out numerous contracts throughout the country and even as far as Portugal. Didima Hutted Camp, Ncome Museum, Lions Valley Lodge, Lalanati Guest House, Thandana Wedding Venue and Phezula Game Estate, Eagle Rock Estate, to name but a few. 

Biggarsberg Thatchers was the first thatching company in the country to be certified by SATAS (South African Technical Auditing Services) for compliance to the national standards.Biggarsberg Thatchers creates work during thatch harvesting season for up to 900 ladies from the Tugela Valley area.

By doing their own harvesting, an ample supply of stringently quality controlled thatch grass is assured.This supply of readily available thatch grass ensures that we are able to honour and complete any large contracts.

John, Shaun and those at Biggarsberg Thatchers clearly make a formidable team that don’t only deliver exceptional service and quality, but a friendly, passionate, tailor-made approach to thatching.

So, if you have a dream, big or small, that requires thatching, we at Biggarsberg Thatchers are the team to help you achieve that dream.We have experienced and competent thatching and timber construction teams who operate under management's supervision on all contracts.

John's personal interest lies within the intricacies and creativity of the structural design, and ensuring that our clients are totally satisfied with all aspects of the finished structure.


* Thatched roofs.
* Timber fencing.
* Timber decking.
* Pergolas.
* Balustrading.
* Laths screens.
* Carports.


* Free quotations.
* Thatch roof design advice and consultation.
* Personal on site supervision during timber roof construction (this forms the backbone to any beautiful thatch roof finish).
* General thatching consultation.
* Project Manager/Contractor liaison.
* Maintenance and repair service.
* Material supply and sourcing.
* Cost effective thatch roof insurance.
* Advice/consultation to insurance loss adjusters.
* All materials are in accordance with or exceed the SABS specifications.
* All materials and workmanship carry a 2 year guarantee period.

Our trademark is your guarantee of professionalism, quality and craftsmanship.We stand firmly behind every blade.


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Collingspass Road, Ladysmith 3600, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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