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Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa


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Cocoa Cherry based in Knysna offers dolls and toys that are made to the highest quality using 100% cotton Shwe Shwe fabrics which are made in South Africa.

In 2010, my daughter asked me for a doll that “looked like her”. I couldn’t find a dark-skinned ragdoll for my adopted daughter, a beautiful African girl, so I decided to make her a “Cocoa” doll. She loved it! And hence Cocoa Cherry was born.

The Cocoa Cherry range has expanded over the years to include “Cocoa” and “Nilla” dolls, as well as the smaller “Nandi” and “Rosalie” dolls. African animals are also part of the range - I revel in my African heritage.

To make the Cocoa Cherry dream a reality, we work side by side with lovely local seamstresses from the Knysna community who are passionate about toy making. They are delightful and joyous ladies and these qualities seep into the toys! The work provides the ladies with an income and they have expanded their skill set somewhat.

The dolls and toys are made to the highest quality using 100% cotton Shwe Shwe fabrics which are made in South Africa. The fabrics have bright colours and beautiful, bold, eye catching designs, and are durable too!

Liyema & Patience our seamstresses

This is my calling, giving me purpose to raise awareness of the lack of ethnic-appropriate dolls for darker skinned girls to identify and play with. I want to make people all over the world aware of beautiful multiracial families. I believe that every child is a blessing and deserves our best efforts.

Each Cocoa Cherry doll and toy is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, and to the highest quality. Each one is filled to the brim with love from Africa, bursting with endless imagination and adventures to be had by all who play with them!

It is my privilege to be the proud mommy to four beautiful God-sent blessings, my two “chocolate Brownies” and my two “vanilla Brownies”! They are the source of utmost joy in my life and they are my inspiration!

Liz Browne

Owner of Cocoa Cherry


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