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14 Albourne Crescent, Durbanville 7550, Western Cape, South Africa


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The name FRIMOUSSE means cute, cheeky face in French, and is a small and very select modelling and character agency for babies, kids and teens based in Durbanville.

We are held in high regard throughout the industry and our models work with all the major production companies in Cape Town. We are a member of N.A.M.A.(National Association of Model Agencies).

Over the years we have built up a portfolio of not only beautiful kids, but also of cute and cheeky-faced kids, bubbling with energy and mischief!!It is so rewarding for both the parents and ourselves, to see how their children, who are shy and awkward in the beginning, become confident and happy as a result of working with the overseas and local clients.


Photos of the models and all their details are uploaded onto a secure database. We use this database to email the models’ portfolios to the clients.


The models have been chosen by the client and are invited to the casting, which can take up to 1½ hours. Castings are not to be taken lightly - attendance is vital as it is the only way that the models will get work.


The client has chosen the model for the photographic shoot and this is called a booking. Bookings take place in the CBD area as well as locations further away, such as Yzerfontein, Noordhoek, Somerset West to name a few.


The invoicing process is complex and time consuming. Invoices go from the agency, to the production company and then to the overseas client. Payment can take 60 – 90 days, from the last day of the shoot, to reach the agency.


The standard rate for the commission deducted from the model’s fee is 20%.SARS

25% PAYE is deducted off the models’ earnings by the production companies who are considered as the models’ employers. They are responsible for submitting the PAYE to SARS and generating an IRP5. The PAYE will be refunded once the models’ tax return has been submitted.


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14 Albourne Crescent, Durbanville 7550, Western Cape, South Africa