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35 Viljoen Street, Krugersdorp 1741, Gauteng, South Africa


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Kinnerlant Kleuterskool / Nursery School in Krugersdorp is where we always strive to make your child feel safe and welcome in our homely environment.

* We promise to stimulate him/her on every level of development.
* Kinnerlant opened their doors on 1 September 2009.  We are located at 35 Viljoen Street, Krugersdorp North. 
* We are affiliated with the AECYC.
* All the classes and playgrounds are fitted with cameras.


Babies Class

Our babies are very special and means the world to us.  We are two teachers and one assistant who helps look after the babies.

Elephant Class

It is a great privilege to work and play with the little ones.  We learn to walk and run nicely.  We also learn to say please and thank you and to share with all the friends in our class.  Our teacher also learns us how to use the potty and to sleep without a bottle.  We have our own play area outside because we don’t like to play between the bigger children.

Giraffe Class

We play on the big jungle gyms and learn to climb high without being afraid.  We love telling stories and like to sing.  We are best friends and learn to do things for ourselves.  We also learn to cut, paste and draw.  In die Giraffe Class we learn about colours, forms and to count. We learn to draw with different colours en to remember numbers. We jump on one leg, hop and throw balls.  We also learn to sit still at the table.

Zebra Class

We like to play in the sandpit.  We also learn rhymes and new songs.  For maths we learn to count and sort objects.  We love to thread and built puzzles.

Lion Class

We are the Grade RR class and use the Dept of Education’s CAPS document as our curriculum.  Our teacher prepare us for the Grade R class.  We learn to identify letters and to do maths.  We love to paint, play with clay and listen to music.  We also like to balance on the balancing beams and to do the obstacle course.

Red Ant Class

In the Red Ant Class we get ready to go to the big school. We learn to write and do sums. We work in big school books and learn something new each day. All of this while we play, paint, draw, making & baking and listen to music.  Our curriculum is the CAPS document prescribed by the Department of Education.


The following extra mural activities are available: 

* Playball
* Rugby
* Pottery
* Swem/Swimming
* Junior Jive
* Dantz Bugz
* Witjassies/Little Lab Coats
* Dramatix
* Manners 4 Minors
* Brain Gain


Kinnerlant Kleuterskool now has aftercare from 1 July 2019


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35 Viljoen Street, Krugersdorp 1741, Gauteng, South Africa

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